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The Rowland Emett Society

Founded in 2012

Copyright for Rowland Emett's work rests with the Artist's estate.

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Rowland Emett was a cartoonist for Punch magazine, artist, inventor and builder of whimsical, mechanical 'Things'. Some of his more famous work to younger generations are the car and inventions that appeared in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But to older generations his 'Emettland', 'Much Baking Halt', 'Featherstone Kite' and many other weird and wonderful mechanical devices stick in the memory.


But for how long?



With a few exceptions like the Emett Clock in the Victoria Shopping Centre, Nottingham and another clock in Basildon, there is little of his work on permanent display in the UK. Exhibitions of his machines can be seen in the US and Canada in both permanent and seasonal exhibitions but much in the UK is in private collections only rarely being seen in public. Maybe it is time that changed.


If you are unfamiliar with the work of Rowland Emett this video, by David Sweeney, of the machines in the Ontario Science Centre gives an introduction to his work (best seen full screen in HD):


Aims of the Society.

How can you help?

Rules of the Society.

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"It is a well known fact that all inventors get their first ideas on the back of an envelope. I take slight exception to this, I use the front so that I can include the stamp and then the design is already half done.'" Rowland Emett


"The first principle in science is to invent something nice to look at and then decide what it can do."  Rowland Emett


It's another shadow factory but the shadow falls in the opposite direction." (refering to his 'secret forge')

Rowland Emett


"We know there are machines in the world, but I try to keep them in their place."

Rowland Emett

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If you would like to join the Society, either to express your interest or help in gathering together Emettiana please go to the Login page.

The Rowland Emett Society has been formed to allow anyone interested in the work of Frederick Rowland Emett to discover more about his remarkable cartoons, artworks and machines.


The Society is open to all who are keen to preserve and promote his work and, initially will be engaging in compiling a comprehensive catalogue and gathering information about the current whereabouts of his original artworks and whimsical machines.

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The first thing to do is join the Society by signing up on the 'Login' page.

It is free and you will be able to stay in touch with developments. Inside the site you will find much more information about Emett and his work and be able to receive the bi-monthly newsletter.

Get in contact with us. You can do this on the 'Contact' page. If you have any information or pictures please send them to us so that we can add them to the database.

Use the Forum. In the Members Area we have a Forum section for anyone to discuss anything Emett related.

Ask others if they remember Rowland Emett, they may be interested in joining the Society.

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Rule 1: You must have an appreciation of the works of Frederick Rowland Emett


Rule 2: There will be no further Rules.


Rule 3: see Rule 2.

The Rowland Emett Society

Founded in 2012


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Buy the Book!

The only book on Emett's machines. Produced by the Society with all profits going to support our efforts to preserve and promote Emett's work.


The booklet can be purchased for £3:00 + p&p in the 'Shop' (under the 'Home' tab.

How To Join The Society

If you want to join the Rowland Emett Society to gain access to the member section and receive the quarterly newsletters you will need to go HERE


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Website Changes

Due to changes in the technology running the Society website we will be making some adjustments to the way that it works.


Please bear with us. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


We will also shortly be introducing a Facebook Group to allow more interaction with the membership.