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The Rowland Emett Society

Founded in 2012

Copyright for Rowland Emett's work rests with the Artist's estate.

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Aims of the Society.

How can you help?

Rules of the Society.

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"It is a well known fact that all inventors get their first ideas on the back of an envelope. I take slight exception to this, I use the front so that I can include the stamp and then the design is already half done.'" Rowland Emett


"The first principle in science is to invent something nice to look at and then decide what it can do."  Rowland Emett


It's another shadow factory but the shadow falls in the opposite direction." (refering to his 'secret forge')

Rowland Emett


"We know there are machines in the world, but I try to keep them in their place."

Rowland Emett

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If you would like to join the Society, either to express your interest or help in gathering together Emettiana please go to the Login page.

The Rowland Emett Society has been formed to allow anyone interested in the work of Frederick Rowland Emett to discover more about his remarkable cartoons, artworks and machines.


The Society is open to all who are keen to preserve and promote his work and, initially will be engaging in compiling a comprehensive catalogue and gathering information about the current whereabouts of his original artworks and whimsical machines.

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The first thing to do is join the Society by signing up on the 'Login' page.

It is free and you will be able to stay in touch with developments. Inside the site you will find much more information about Emett and his work and be able to receive the bi-monthly newsletter.

Get in contact with us. You can do this on the 'Contact' page. If you have any information or pictures please send them to us so that we can add them to the database.

Use the Forum. In the Members Area we have a Forum section for anyone to discuss anything Emett related.

Ask others if they remember Rowland Emett, they may be interested in joining the Society.

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Rule 1: You must have an appreciation of the works of Frederick Rowland Emett


Rule 2: There will be no further Rules.


Rule 3: see Rule 2.

The Rowland Emett Society

Founded in 2012


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Buy the Book!

The only book on Emett's machines. Produced by the Society with all profits going to support our efforts to preserve and promote Emett's work.


The booklet can be purchased by emailing [email protected]

How To Join The Society

If you want to join the Rowland Emett Society to gain access to the member section when we have finished rebuilding it please email [email protected] with your contact details.

Website Changes

The Rowland Emett Society is moving.


When video recorders first found their way into the market place they bristled with buttons and functionality. It was a time of hope and discovery. As time went by, for reasons best known by the manufacturers, they became more simplified and less flexible.


The same goes for websites.


The Rowland Emett Society website was built when Flash was still considered a pretty neat idea. During the transition to more up-to-date technology things stopped working, or looking quite right, and the incentive to continue adding content ebbed away. Membership registration that used to be automatic became a tedious manual process. The ability to email the membership from the website disappeared, so newsletter distribution became a logistical nightmare.


There are not many things that you can thank coronavirus for, but at least it gives the time to rebuild things. This website is one of them.


Most of the content has now been removed and archived in preparation for the new website. We have acquired a mass of information of Emett over the last 18 years and want to share it with our membership. This will be possible in our new home and will be augmented by the introduction of a more interactive Society Facebook Group, for those of us that don't consider it the irredeemable work of the devil.


Meanwhile you can still apply to join the Society, (and buy the book) but please be patient with us, there is a lot of typing to do...