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The Rowland Emett Society

Founded in 2012

Copyright for Rowland Emett's work rests with the Artist's estate.

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Blue Plaques

By didbirmingham, May 21 2014 03:47PM

We are progressing with the process of getting a Blue Plaque to mark Emett's time in Birmingham and are optimistic that it can happen during the summer. Thank you to all that have donated to our Blue Plaque Appeal so far. It will make the process much smoother.

Meanwhile English Heritage's moratorium on Blue Plaques in London will be lifted in June with the re-opening of their list of suitable candidates. Having read their revised and more stringent requirements it appears that Emett is still well qualified as a candidate so we will be making application as soon as the forms are available.

There are a number of London addresses that could play host to a Plaque but the favourite has to be his birthplace in Natal Road, New Southgate.

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