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The Rowland Emett Society

Founded in 2012

Copyright for Rowland Emett's work rests with the Artist's estate.

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The Emetts are coming.

By didbirmingham, May 1 2015 07:47AM

This summer there will be another chance to see eight of Rowland Emett's machines on display in, and near, the village where he created them.

From Saturday 2nd May until Sunday 6th September the machines will form an Emett Trail at four venues.

THE DITCHLING MUSEUM OF ART AND CRAFT: Fairway Birdie and Clockwork Lullabye Machine

BRIGHTON MUSEUM: The Featherstone Kite

HOVE MUSEUM: The Exploratory Lunacycle, Visivision Machine, Hot Air Rocking Chair and Humbug Major Sweet Machine.

THE BOOTH MUSEUM: The Little Dragon Carpet Sweeper.

The venues are fascinating in themselves with eclectic permanent collections nestled within interesting architecture.

The Ornithologist will not be appearing, unfortunately, but an announcement about plans for the whole of Cloud Cuckoo Valley will be made soon.

If you missed the Birmingham Exhibition, try not to miss this one!

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